Flavored Cakes

Most cakes are flavored, and we have endeavored to categorize cake recipes depending on how its flavored. However, there are cake variants that are don’t fall on our main categories so this page will list all other uniquely flavored cake recipes.

This is where you can find the classic Red Velvet cake recipes as well as variations of it like the funky blue velvet cake or pink velvet cake. We have also listed booze-flavored cakes and much more. So enjoy browsing our flavored cake recipes collection.

Classic cake recipes can be found on our main Easy Cake Recipe page. While other cake variations are listed on pages below:

Chocolate Cakes | Fruit-Flavored Cakes | Veggie-Loaded Cakes
Pound & Bundt Cakes | Chiffon Cakes
Flavored Cakes | Cake Rolls & Mousse Cakes