One of the first things a beginner baker wants to do is to make classic cakes. There are literally thousands of cake recipes around and we have some of the best listed here. These carefully selected easy cake recipes has been categorized for easy browsing.

The main cake recipe page will feature classic cake recipe listings which includes recipes that are considered basic and a must-have in your cake baking repertoire. These classic cake recipes are also usually the ones used for wedding cakes and other layer cakes. Cakes like vanilla cakes, WASC, white cake variations will be listed here.

Chocolate Cakes | Fruit-Flavored Cakes | Veggie-Loaded Cakes
Pound & Bundt Cakes | Chiffon Cakes
Flavored Cakes | Cake Rolls & Mousse Cakes

Red velvet, booze infused cakes can be found on the Flavored Cakes page. Banana, strawberry, pineapple and other fruit infused cakes can be found on Fruit-Flavored Cakes. Carrot, zucchini and similar cakes are all listed on veggie loaded cakes.

At a guess, a lot of beginner, even intermediate bakers are interested in learning how to decorate cakes with fondant or how to frost a cake with buttercream or ganache. And here’s the good news. We have an extensive listing for cake decorating tutorials available free online. Once you’ve had your fill of the best cake recipes, head over  baking tutorial page for some visual guides in cake decorating.