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Baker Essentials: Baking Supplies

In our previous post, we have listed out our must-have basic baking tools and equipment. We are pretty sure you are excited and ready to start baking. But, first things first, you must stock your pantry with the right baking supplies and ingredients.

The tendency of beginner bakers would be to look for a recipe, list down the ingredients needed and shop. Well, that could work!

Here’s a great news though, most baking recipes generally require similar ingredients!

Our supplies list will be a time saver. Not only that, but having the basic baking supplies and ingredients on hand would allow you to conduct baking experiments on a whim.

Remember, as you go more into baking, you’d be needing a few more special ingredients, but these baking supplies listed here would get you started with some of the most basic and classic baking recipes. Narrowing down your ingredient shopping list is great specially if you have limited storage space and to also avoid spoiling some ingredients if you overbuy.

Stock up on these Baking Supplies:

  • Flour – all purpose flour! This is the mother of all ingredients in baking and you’d need this in most of the baking recipes. There are other types of flour but for beginners, all purpose flour is all important. Flour must be stored in air-tight, no-moist containers and kept in dark and cool shelf.
  • Sugar – stock up on granulated sugar, brown sugar. If you plan on doing cakes with frosting you might want to include icing sugar (also known confectioner’s or powdered sugar) on your list. Granulated and brown sugars are usually called for in cakes, cookies and all manner of baked goods. While icing sugar is what you need for some dusting pastries, frosting and glazes.
  • Basic Leaveners – these are what you need to make your baked goodies rise. The three most basic leaveners you need to stock up on:
    • Baking Powder – normally needed for cakes.
    • Baking Soda – essential for cakes and cookies.
    • Yeast for breads
  • Salt – pretty sure you have this in your pantry. Table salt is fine to use for your baking.
  • Dairy – Baking requires a lot of dairy.
    • Unsalted butter – most recipes calls for unsalted butter. Baking recipes mostly require butter in most of your cake batters, pie dough and crusts, as well cookies.
    • Milk – recipes that needs to be moist normally require milk. Best stock on whole milk.
    • Eggs – most recipes call for large eggs and they function as binder for your baked goods.
  • Grease – baking always requires some grease. The two basics – Vegetable Oil and Shortening. Stock up on good quality vegetable oil as a lot of recipes call for oil as moisture. This is also used to grease pans. On the other hand shortening is usually used for pie crusts and a few cookie recipes. If you also aim to make a heat resistant buttercream frosting, some recipes will need no flavor and clear shortening. Crisco, Nutiva Organic or Spectrum are some of the well known brands for vegetable shortening.

Basic Add-ins – a lot of baking recipes will need one or two toppings or add-ins. Listed here are some of the most common add-ins you might want to stock up on.

  • Cocoa Powder – well, brownies and chocolate cakes are in your baking horizon, right? Enough said. Have unsweetened cocoa powder and Dutch-process cocoa on your ingredient shelf and you’ll be in for a chocolate-y baking adventure.
  • Chocolate Chips – for toppings! We’re sure we don’t need to tell you, you can never go wrong with a lot of chocolate chips. Alternatively, you may also throw in some butterscotch chips.
  • Chocolate Bars – a lot of rich chocolate recipes need melted chocolate. Get one that is at least 40% cocoa
  • Sprinkles – add a whole lot of fun to your baked goods, so stock up!
  • Dried fruits and nuts

Spices – common spices to stock up on baking would be ground cinnamon, nutmeg and mixed spices.

Vanilla Extract – an essential supply on your baking shelf. We’d recommend getting extract made from vanilla beans. Vanilla essences have less potent flavors, but if this is all you can find, it would also be fine.

So there you have it.

basic baking supplies

Our list of beginner baking supplies and ingredients.

Having these in your pantry can give you a headstart and you can now begin trying out classic and beginner baking recipes. As you go along your baking adventures and try out more complicated baking recipes you’d be needing more ingredients.

This basic list would be a great starter point. You can also have a look at this detailed post from AllRecipes for next-level baking ingredients.


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