TheBakingJournal is an free online collection of links for recipes, video and photo tutorials that are useful for the beginner baker.

When I was learning how to bake, I loved to search for recipes I could try out and experiment with. I ended up with thousands of bookmarks! Literally! Till I was getting lost navigating those bookmarks. I also tried writing down and printing favorite recipes, which worked well for me, but I also ended up with stacks of printed paper and notes. Having so much of these created too much clutter for me.

So I decided to create a simple website where I can save links in an organized manner and I figured I should also make it available online to help others in a similar predicament. Please note that we simply post the links so you won’t need to spend so much time looking up  Google and other search engines for new recipes.

Visit our Recipe Directory for some of the best baking recipes you can try. We also have a Tutorial Directory featuring photo and video tutorials to get you started on decorating cakes. A page will also be dedicated to Social Media links to Youtube Channels, Facebook Pages, and Instagram accounts of rock star bakers and decorators for you to learn from and follow.

I will not post recipes, simply links, as I really believe the recipe or blog owner who posted the recipe or tutorial deserves the pageviews and the visit from all of you. If you are have a baking blog/website/channel and you’d like to be listed or featured here, please just drop me an email via our CONTACT page.

Hope this site helps you in your baking adventures!

~ Lui