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Hi and welcome to The Baking Journal.

About The Baking Journal

I’m Liza and I’m a self-taught (and a very avid) home baker.

TheBakingJournal is a free online collection of links of recipes, video and photo tutorials that are useful for the beginner baker. We spend a few hours each day trawling the internet for these resources to curate and share with you.

Why did I createĀ The Baking Journal?

When I was learning how to bake, I loved to search for recipes I could try out and experiment with. I ended up with thousands of bookmarks! Literally!

Pinterest also worked for me, but I’m a crazy hoarder, and it wasn’t too long before my Pinterest recipe boards were groaning and I was drowning in thousands of gorgeous food photos and having a hard time locating what I actually wanted. I’m still on Pinterest though. šŸ˜‰ It’s my happy place, so please follow me.

Anyhow, I was getting lost navigating these bookmarks and boards. I also tried writing down and printing favorite recipes, which worked well for me, but I also ended up with stacks of printed paper and notes. Having so much of these created too much clutter for me.

So I decided to create a simple website where I can save links in an organized manner and I figured I should also make it available online to help others who share my love for baking.

Please note that we simply post the links so you won’t need to spend so much time looking upĀ  Google and other search engines for new recipes.

Visit our Recipe Directory for some of the best baking recipes you can try. We also have a Tutorial Directory featuring photo and video tutorials to get you started on decorating cakes. A page will also be dedicated to Social Media links to Youtube Channels, Facebook Pages, and Instagram accounts of rock star bakers and decorators for you to learn from and follow.

We do not re-publish recipes, simply links, as I really believe the recipe or blog owner who posted the recipe or tutorial deserves the pageviews and the visit from all of you.

Our blog also will include well-written baking guides and curated lists of trending baking and cake related topics.

Hope this site helps you in your baking adventures!

~ Liza

If you have a baking blog/website/channel and you’d like to be listed or featured here, please contact us through ourĀ ‘Get Featured‘ page. And yes, we list resources for free as long as it passes our criteria of a well-crafted and easy to follow tutorial or recipe.

If you are a recipe/tutorial author who had been featured here and would not like to be listed and do not like free traffic, we will,Ā of course, comply with any link takedown requests. Simply get in touch with us via our Contact page.


  • I’m a mom of two. A very sassy teen daughter and a rather rambunctious little boy.
  • We live in a very exotic location in Asia.
  • I LOVE Coffee. Thankfully, where I’m based, there are plenty of coffee shops. The coffee culture is pretty rad.
  • I like playing soft, instrumental music all day long. I like imagining my home as a spa.
  • I’m obsessed with essential oils. Ties up with spa thing above.
  • Watching Korean dramas gets me to wind down. Hahaha, I know! My daughter frequently rolls her eyes at me with this obsession.
  • I love dogs. But the last pet I had, a lovely Chow Chow, got stolen and I think will never get over it.

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