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Beginners for cake design and decorating would find our Cake Decorating Tutorial Directory useful. A lot of cake decorating basics can be daunting but can be easily learned even by yourself. Visuals like photos and videos are some of the best ways to get you started on your first cake decorating project, so we will be including photo and video tutorials on the listings.

A page is also dedicated to social media listings where you can find Youtube channels, Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts to follow to inspire you in your baking and cake decorating journey.

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Basic Baking Supplies List

Baker Essentials: Baking Supplies

In our previous post, we have listed out our must-have basic baking tools and equipment. We are pretty sure you are excited and ready to start baking. But, first things first, you must stock your pantry with the right baking supplies and ingredients. The tendency of beginner bakers would be to look for a recipe, […]

Baking Tools and Equipment

Baker Essentials: Baking Tools and Equipment

Thinking of learning how to bake? Then one of the first things you have to consider is your baking tools & equipment. For some beginner bakers, getting started can be daunting. Some might think that its quite expensive and you’ll be requiring a lot of baking equipment. The sheer number of tempting baking tools and […]

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